Call for help for the people of haiti: Appel au secours pour le peuple de Haïti

The Haitian people are experiencing increasingly difficult hours more than ever and no one seems to want to look into their fate that the government of Jovenel Moïse imposes on them with its bandits who continue to sow terror in all neighborhoods, in all cities. and where there are hundreds of corpses every day. Without forgetting, since the arrival of the PHTK regime in power in Haiti, the Haitian people no longer have access to drinking water, electricity, while jumble litter all the streets and all the cities of the country.
Obviously, in addition to the rampages that are carried out daily by the armed gangs of the power in place, we have already counted several massacres and hundreds of cases of kidnappings in the poorest neighborhoods where nothing has been done to stop and judge the power criminals.
Faced with this unprecedented violence which is orchestrated, financed and supported by President Jovenel Moïse himself, we, the signatories of this call for help, invite all citizens of the world as well as all countries which are friends of the Haitian people and who do not have no interest in this violence, to bring assistance to the Haitian people by publicly denouncing and by strong measures against President Jovenel who continues to cling to power while he no longer controls anything in the country. In fact, he controls the violence he imposes on the country
Moreover, if the misfortunes which currently overwhelm the Haitian people and Haiti as a whole are part of any plan to punish this Haitian people or to create conditions to invade and occupy Haiti, we say to the supporters of the Haitian regime to do nothing and maintain their positions by letting the Haitian people perish as they wish. However, to all those who recognize themselves as true friends of Haitians, we invite them to act quickly by accusing Jovenel Moïse, his prime minister and all his ministers for crimes against humanity.
First signatory: Hermann Cebert