“Continuous Testiminial”by Jhonny Victor

The smooth blowing wind
Fondles my musing face.
Gazing the course of night and day shape
Lying down on the bench of life
Eyes closed hoping for light.
Despite a day of sunshine,
it’s dark.

Reminiscing the intriguing trip
Of unknown destination.
The amazing journey
Full with wretched events
Yet fascinating-
My Life

The veracity of lifetime
As years go by
It reveals the real me
It exposes others tangible nature
It constantly gives new perspective
To those with awakened conscience

Memories are always alive
The negative ones keep haunting
Amazing ones build me a stronghold
In which happiness can’t ever fade

Anguish knocks me down several times
I have been deceived
As I have disappointed a few
Nonetheless, love never failed me
Even tumultuous circumstances
I always ride out my storms
At the end, I always find my inner

My life is pilgrimage.
It keeps on gladdening my existence. And I’m grateful to be chosen for that beatific mission:

“Live Freely and Abundantly and share all my blessings glut to those who are close to me and also to those I still care for from a distance; and of course to the whole word”.

Jhonny Victor JV🎸