Je partage avec vous cette Invitation à une conférence of Schiller Institute Conference December 15, 2019: 7355 Christophe-Colomb Street, Montreal (10 minutes walk from Jean-Talon Metro Station) »Two Systems Before the World »

Invitation   « Two Systems Before the World »
« Two Systems Before the World »
Schiller Institute Conference
December 15, 2019
at 2:00 PMGérard Niding RoomPatro Le Prévost Centre
7355 Christophe-Colomb Street, Montreal
(10 minutes walk from Jean-Talon Metro Station)Video-Conference
with Elliot Greenspan, leading member of Schiller Institute in U.S.

You are cordially invited to attend the Schiller Institute conference.« Two Systems Before the World »To paraphrase Lincoln’s economist and collaborator, Henry Carey: Two systems stand before the world: the one of globalization and free trade; of coups, color revolutions, and wars; of monetarism, genocide and pauperism; of man-made climate change fraud and banksters’ ecological dictatorship; of debasement of human mind and life; in short, the dying British System of Empire.

The other: the creation of a human future: Four Powers, building unprecedented physical development in Africa, Asia, Ibero-America; taking huge extraterrestrial leaps, powered by the potential breakthroughs in fusion; availing our young and future generations of the discoveries generated by the most courageous thinkers over mankind’s history; in short, the ecumenicism of Republic.

On Nov. 16-17, 2019, thinkers, artists, and political fighters from 30 nations came together in Germany, under the banner of the Schiller Institute, to address the « Living Legacy of Lyndon LaRouche. » As Helga Zepp-LaRouche summarized, « Everyone came out of this conference completely strengthened, and optimistic, because it reaffirmed the method with which to think. »We hope to capture that Memorial Conference spirit and ideas in this event on December 15. Be there.
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Conférence européenne du 16-17 novembre, 2019
L’avenir de l’humanité en tant qu’espèce créatrice

To watch the entire conference :
The Future of Humanity as a Creative Species • November 16-17, 2019
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