“THE MAN, THE FATHER.” Written By Jhonny Victor 06/16/2019

We, Men, are always considered the strong 
We men, the ones who should provide
We, men have no right to cry 
For all the rest see it as wrong

Yet we are all humans 
We all have feelings 
that are crushing within 
And some choose to endure it in silence

Our children need us 
as much as we need a woman
We need a woman to take care of
Physically and emotionally 
As we are obligated to feed our kids
In a Materialistic and spiritual way
Yet as Men and Father we have emotions too…

Men, fathers were once kids
We become a better or worse version 
Of our childhood 
We, men need compassion 
As much as our kids and our women do
Some of us recall that
Each and every time 
It comes to teach our children 
In a way to better understand them.

Most of us, we, men and fathers
Are seen as a rolling sea
We are portrayed often
As the raging waves 
As we have no heart for loving
If only they knew or try to learn
How to calm us …
And sometimes with no words at all
If only they knew how to
Command the baby part in us
They will understand
We, men fathers husbands, we were born to lift others and make life amazing…

Some of us didn’t and don’t do good 
And some kids are even ashamed 
To ever had one
No child has ever asked a man 
To become his or her father

Here comes the most relevant question:
Who to blame? The mother who had chosen the wrong man or the man himself who refuses to take his full responsibility as a father?

Hmmm, what a privilege to be a father !!!
Each and every day is an opportunity to be a better one for mines despite of life’s curtailment. Our childhood, our parents mistakes can’t be excuses for our failure to bettering our lovely children; and they are being used as Guidance by some of us to be a better version of our fathers for our kids, future of the world.