Holding On By Letting Go”: Par Jhonny Victor


Flying in unison with the birds
Trying to touch don’t know what
Riding thousands miles away 
Trying to outstretch unmapped terminus

As sailor releases the anchor
Soul case numbed by gusting winds
Mind weakened by the raging waves
Our existence walloped by lightning and thunder

Dream is our only rescuer
Wishing to attain life’s betterment
Let go the hurt as we attempt
Whether alone or together

I’m with you you’re with him
Couldn’t stop you running over him
While your body was closed to me
Yours wasn’t captured by my mind
I was blindly in love that night
Yet, my passionate life can’t ever be denied…

Sometimes the Best way to hold on is to let go…
Let 2018 go with all the anguish
Looking forward to Enjoying 2019
Expecting positively the unexpected
Where magic will happen certainly
Life will be much better divinely

Holding On By Letting Go”: Par Jhonny Victor