“A Regret Unspoken”: Poem Written By: Jhonny Victor… 06/07/2018

A love might sometimes Died
Memories will always keep it alive
Dreams or visualization will supply
What reality won’t be able to satisfy

Waking up hearing your soft breath
smelling of your last night cigarette
Kissing you deeply with no regret
Through your silhouette beneath

A day like today, peaky girl
We’re hastily unrivaled strangers
Yet, nothing couldn’t stop our eager
To embrace each other

Love for me had no smell
I was being myself
Black,white,Tall,short, big or small
All that was no fundamental

Downright deception
Unmet expectation
Tormented by the subpar self
Blow away what could have been
The love story of the century

Though a mate was found
Every day he might be around
Somehow he may fill it up
The physical has never been all
Undoubtedly, inner remains abyss
wrinkles can’t stay Unrevealed
Well, our beauty, each time seen
Can never put us at ease

Lesson of life learned
Wisdom of time acquired
What we were looking for yesterday
Is no longer what we want today

In a fondle, I often redeem of you
First and once but semper
That night, boundaries, oh, never
Years after, you realize we should…

Jhonny Victor