Where is the plan for development and the revival of ‘ agriculture in Haiti by the regime of Jovenel Moïse?

While on the lips of members of the government Jovenel Moïse and the president himself – well, we believe that the ‘ government trumpeted that ‘ agriculture is a priority, yet we seek in vain the overall plan the government intends to promote in the development and the revival of ‘ agriculture in the country.

D ‘ Moreover, while the government has disbursed over a hundred million gourdes to finance its propaganda program, The Development of Caravan, to ‘ national scale of the country, the president accompanied by several ministers, several MPs and mayors by distributing – it and – where the so – called agricultural equipment.

These rolling stock there are tractors that President offers some of its protected according and based on the ‘ vote buying some parliamentarians. Which means, we must understand that we are still far from the realization of ‘ a project or ‘ real development program and revival of ‘ agriculture in the country.

Obviously, knowing very well that the president is doing demagoguery and waste of these materials for the ‘ agriculture since the distribution of such equipment can not have real effects on production since c ‘ is wrong coordinated and bad company.

For one, despite the fact that the president has been or still is in the field of the production of bananas, one thing seems to be that ‘ obvious to those politicians apprentices, c ‘ is that no one in this government and in this regime knows the various problems facing the country agriculturally. Certainly, the regime of Jovenel Moïse knows nothing about the problem of under – development and agricultural production in the country.

Of course, with restricted views of the agricultural sector, the regime of Jovenel Moïse and Jacques – Guy Lafontant confuses several aspects of agriculture. These politicians apprentices do not seem to know that several sectors constitute the field of ‘ agriculture for example, the ‘ animal husbandry, fisheries, culture and planting.

However, to improve or to ensure the recovery or more generally the development of ‘ agriculture in the country should go to the source of the problem. Which means, assess the different needs of different sectors of ‘ agriculture. In this sense, see and understand every need of each sector and provide appropriate solutions.

As an ‘ example, ‘ State could compare what sector priority in the short term and any other medium or long-term sector. But it n ‘ there is no plan, all ministers are trying to ‘ improvise including President Jovenel Moïse him – even that continues to ‘ improvise. As results, there will be nothing good in the end could be achieved by this system.

Governing c ‘ is planning to power unfortunately anticipate with that government planning is absent. Actually, no, not really, plan members only plan how they will plunder the coffers of the ‘ state as some ministers and the president himself – even now does with the funds of the Caisse d ‘ Welfare CAS and the Fund ‘ Economic and Social Assistance FAES where the funds are released to the cronies only.

That ‘ it is necessary now to change our agricultural system c ‘ is of ‘ first the formation of ‘ a new generation of young farmers willing to work the land to take over from our parents that we send to die in ‘ abroad in solitude and in the cold. This could be achieved with intensive training where ‘ state would farmlands their disposal to make the culture of the ‘ breeding. Also put fishing boats to young sailors provisions to go deep sea fishing this can be done more quickly that ‘ a laugh harvest or coffee.

D ‘ elsewhere Haitian navy could s ‘ care to give these intensive courses and we already let the American, Spanish, Japanese come till the fish in our waters. The ‘ farming also requires less ‘ infrastructure that ‘ a food production simply adapted spaces, further education after a series of intensive training and then find the animals to breed and we know that the option of ‘ agronomy and the ‘ school of ‘ agriculture could well s ‘ care of the training of these young farmers.

Among other things, these days, the techniques and the spaces reserved for the ‘ agriculture grew and ‘ agriculture as become more accessible and diverse. Therefore, one could also opt for local agriculture, neighborhood as our grand – parents were old.

Planting around the house, put hives, raise animals in urban areas. But even more, we could opt for production in greenhouses and making could operate effectively and efficiently the available areas and especially generally abandoned areas like the vast savannah sorry that is in the plain of ‘ Artibonite.

Who can think so, for this country? No one. And, for a president who spoke of the engaged find it had to be his first step, he submitted to researchers from universities all projects ‘ government study. While the government is lying. D ‘ Moreover they are not even good enough to lie. Because they are lying terribly.

In other words, if the government is said to give as main objectives to develop ‘ agriculture or raise in order to ‘ increase agricultural production in the country, the President and his team had to choose to set in motion a genuine process of transformation of this sector to the ‘ whole country. Instead of distributing materials to some of their friends, they would distribute to large groups of cooperatives and federations ‘ farmers for greater efficiency and a much better use of these materials.

to follow …

Hermann Cebert