How to understand the violence by the government of Jovenel Moïse under the strike of workers of the Sonapi

You’ve heard like me incendiary statements by President Jovenel Moïse and the Minister of Social Affairs who accuse all the Industrial Park Sonapi workers: Company National Industrial Park, to ‘ be manipulated simply because these workers decide to defend their rights .

How can this government believe that these poor people are handled when they are the living conditions of these workers who have to change. Workers want to live in a country where the rich prefer to throw in the river rice that ‘ they preferred to keep their rot in warehouses instead of selling at reasonable prices to the Haitian people.

The workers demand a living wage that can help them resist against madness and hunger but everyone knows what these workers are now demanding as salary is already below that ‘ they need to live in a country where all prices are calculated at the exchange rate of the US dollar and the products that these workers produce will be sold in US dollars. Similarly, the contracts signed between the men of ‘ Haitian businessmen and foreign companies are made in US dollars also.

In other words, the Haitian employers negotiated in US dollars on the backs of Haitian workers, they sell their products in US dollars retained earnings in US dollars while the same employers pay Haitian workers in gourdes. C ‘ is a mafia system that President Jovenel Moïse and his Minister of Social Affairs is currently defending against Haitian workers.

To understand the reality in which poor Haitian workers living I have to explain what is in the ‘ basis of the Haitian worker. Indeed, currently, the Haitian worker earns 300.00 gourdes for his day from 8 hours to 10 hours.

This means, with US $ 1.00 = 14.00 Haitian gourdes then was in US dollars, the Haitian worker earns 300.00 / 14.00 or US $ 20.00 for the whole day from 8:00 to 10:00 of working time.

But we must understand above all that someone ‘ one can do with only US $ 20.00 for a total of $ 100.00 per week just before the taxes.

We will remove this hundred dollars earned by the worker 25 to 35% so that ‘ there will be him $ 65.00 to pay all expenses, including transportation to and his living room for the day, washing her clothes, her rent.

Anyone with just a bit of conscience, may take a little time to think about how difficult conditions faced by Haitian workers and especially the poverty wages than men ‘ Haitian business offer these workers.

So when I ‘ hear President Jovenel Moïse or his Minister of Social Affairs accused the Haitian workers ‘ being manipulated by some that this reflects extreme violence of the members of this government to keep the people in ‘ ignorance and dirt.

Moreover, where c ‘ is the same government that has just ‘ increase the price of the ‘ petrol in the country causing a sharp increase in the cost of transport for the working poor, it is unfortunate that this people n ‘ not yet able to understand the need to rebel against exploitation and ‘ arrogance lick – ass like the members of this government.

Qu ‘ is – that the Haitian worker can do with a salary of US $ 20.00 or 300.00 gourdes in Haitian currency? Even if the answer is nothing, but I am obliged to ‘ provide more details to my readers that enable 300.00 gourdes currently done in Haiti.

In fact I ‘ would have liked to give you the prices of first necessity products but since I ‘ had published a text for the demonstration of the system for ‘ exploitation of the Haitian bourgeoisie in the country but since they closed this section.

Despite everything you need to know to understand this terrible misery in which the people of Haiti and particularly Haitian workers c ‘ is that ‘ now it costs more than 25 gourdes for a worker to afford a cup of coffee in the morning before ‘ go to work; it cost him more between 100.00 gourdes and 150.00 gourdes for a small plate of rice, sauce, a little meat and few pieces of live food such as bananas, potatoes or ‘ yam between 75.00 gourds and 100.00 gourdes to juice ‘ orange or the ‘ true tree mixed with milk.

To arrive at s ‘ out, Haitian worker will afford not eat properly, he will eat a piece of bread and drink a little ‘ water in a small bag already costs him 5.00 gourds. C ‘ is thus that ‘ he will spend his day without eating in order to get to pay the rent, to feed her children and pay school fees for their children which are very expensive.

From this reality of what the Haitian worker has to eat a day so you can see what the Haitian worker made a sacrifice to stay alive by agreeing to work for wages below – humans. C ‘ is very just his cause when ‘ he decided to seek increases since men of ‘ Haitian affairs themselves, have already negotiated increases but that ‘ they do not share with the workers.

That’s why we say the men of ‘ Haitian affairs that ‘ they are worse than the old masters ‘ slaves. They share nothing with the people. They confiscated all the wealth of the country slavishly exploiting poor workers. Within a month of ‘ operating ‘ a manufacturing plant, the ‘ man ‘ Haitian case is already rich for the rest of his days.

So what about when it’s been over 12 months, 20 years that this man ‘ Affairs operates its business? C ‘ is the reality and the conditions in which Haitian workers now live.

And now as proposed by the government Jovenel Moïse, the ‘ state would be ready to transport half price for workers, subsidized lunches for workers by taking away his freedom for that ‘ it becomes dependent on the government.

The government’s proposal can not hold the road and workers must demand real increases in their wages is the 800.00 gourdes that ‘ they are now demanding. This n ‘ is and even though not enough to live with the rate of ‘ inflation especially with subsequent accumulation of delays in wage increases in the country but it could absorb a share of the expenses that support the workers.

Haitian workers want to earn their salaries and to be able to use them as they want and not a fake communist government that manages them their wages. since the ‘ block collapse of the ‘ East in 1989, the world n ‘ is more communist for US and Haitian citizens how come – it either now that ‘ they begin to support the Communist junk Jovenel Moses in the its project of ‘ exploitation of poor Haitian workers.

In fact, it s ‘ This represents ‘ a false solution which is a communist solution, but we know very well that this solution is rather nickname – Communist SINCE ‘ it s ‘ are measures that can be dropped easily and as soon as ‘ a Government replaces another – one.

And since when the men of ‘ Haitian businessmen had become communists to accept this kind of social measures? The government is lying and c ‘ is Jovenel Moïse himself – one who s ‘ oppose the interests of the popular and working masses. Where is the ti mama dear program of Joseph Michel Martelly? Where is the money taken from the Haitian diaspora?

If the toad was a very good meat this n ‘ was not behind the canary that ‘ he would let catch. Currently, CAS, the body of ‘ welfare is a real cash cow which touts government members go there to fill their pockets including relatives of the president. D ‘ elsewhere the gourds 1500.00 for the elderly are stolen each month by relatives of ministers and the president Jovenel Moïse.

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read this statement of ‘ commission on the cost of first necessity products in Haiti.

Hermann Cebert





The government is considering measures to fight facing the high cost of living The Price Stabilization Commission, this body created last September 14 by the Government in order to ‘ provide an answer to the high cost of living, made its first work and s ‘ ready to propose to the Prime Minister at the next council of government.

Indeed, less than ‘ one month after its establishment, the committee has developed a plan to fight against the rising prices of some basic foodstuffs.

This plan, articulated in six key measures, after possible adoption by the Government, will be forwarded to the Head of ‘ State application.

The first step is that the ‘ State s ‘ directly involved in the ‘ import 5 commodities, including rice, maize, flour, the ‘ cooking oil and beans. This will allow the state authorities, according to the commission, the fight against speculation and s ‘ ensure that the selling price to consumers are respected.

The second measure puts ‘ emphasis on the creation of ‘ a strategic food stocks in order to ‘ avoid shortages in the market, due to temporary difficulties ‘ supply both the local outdoor markets.

The third and fourth are Obligation importers of ‘ buy 10 to 15% of their stock of food from local producers and at the same time, he asked the authorities to ‘ establish a stricter border controls to fight against smuggling of food imported by Haiti, who is partly sold on the Dominican market.

The establishment of local structures ‘ purchase of agricultural products as well as ‘ a coastal marine system, to reduce transport costs and contribute to the stabilization of prices, here is what makes the ‘ essence of the other two measures .

It is recalled that the price stabilization committee is composed of representatives of the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Trade and ‘ Industry (DTI), the Ministry of ‘ Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development (MARNDR) Council of Economic and Social Development (CDES), and the National Coordination for Food Security (CNSA).

GA / Radio Metropole Haiti

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