At the beginning of my americans dream story

Here I am, a fifteen year old in the United States. A Haitian immigrant looking for a second chance in the land of opportunity.

I lived in Haiti for the first nine years of my life until I moved after the devastating earthquake of 2010.

I went to one of the top rated kindergartens in my area and it wasn’t cheap for my mother. Then finally I went to an elementary school called “Chez les Freres de Petionville” or The House of the Brothers of Petionville. I did not finish the 4th grade due to January 12, 2010 and so I finished in America. In my homeland, I usually scored in the top five students of my grade.

But now that I live in the U.S. my performance seems to have decreased a bit. In America, things are much easier, maybe a little too easy. Education is free which is great for my mother who now worked two jobs to care for me. There is no effective punishment for bad academic results.

There are constant cuts to the budget of education and many teachers are just plainly horrible at their job. In my schools, my mother had to pay for my education. You were most likely whipped for getting anything lower than a three-fifths ratio.

Considering Haiti’s economy, my kindergarten and elementary school were pretty nice. I hated how my elementary school in Haiti was boys only. Sometimes, some of the students turned gay which is odd because I thought because one was born gay, not chose to be.

But anyway it helps to decrease the risk of teenage pregnancy because sex seems to be on every teenage American’s mind these days.

I have also noticed that in my current school, Waltham High School, foreign students from the Eastern Hemisphere apply more to school than those from the West.

This could possibly be because the foreign students went through struggles in their homeland and now they take advantage of their new options or American students are quite simply getting lazy.

Sébastien Aymard Paul

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