Who are the true masters of Haiti: cross-sectional analysis of real opponents to the will and the wishes of the president Joseph MIchel Martelly economic and social change

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La pensée qui dérange

One is tempted to believe and say at the time that the true masters of Haiti would be the Americans, the French, Canadians and all the major powers who have real interests in the country, even if to a certain extent, all of them ifluencent more or less political and economic decisions in Haiti. The same one is tempted to believe, and to admit that politicians and the media direct and dominate Haiti since their voices and their speech may influence and influence the choices and political decisions, economic and social.

Among other things, it would be entirely also tempted to say that churches, Protestant and Catholic cotrolent undoubtedly the country seen their wealth in the country and also saw their proximity with people and as such, it would be the eglisent that place and move the men in power in the country.

Unfortunately none of these groups and these social categories may have enough power decision-making on the country as the five richest families in the country and, beyond any doubt, what are these five families that keep Haiti in misery, in ignorance, in dirt, in underdevelopment, in social and economic inequalities and which is worse , this are that Fund coups d’etat in the country and finance groups armies that terrorize quickly in the country.

«  » And the authors of the book »Haiti, ten years of history secret comment about a report which was commissioned by the Americans and that bears the name of the investigator rapporteur Walter E. Fauntroy»:» Fauntroy report identifies five large families » that control the top of Haiti’s economy. Brandt, Mews, Biggio, Accra and Behrmanns. Their power emanates « monopolies and corruption. « These personalities and their associates have been identified as being in the front line in financing of terror to intimidate the Haitian people and the democratic forces ‘. p.77

Therefore, one can infer that no project and social program may take form in the country because these five families hold monopolies in all since anyone who would take the risk of venturing in case without swallows it and the financial involvement of one or other of these families is bound to fail because these families accept little competition this competition comes from Haitians or foreigners.

These five families have more than 95% of the country’s wealth and they continue to accumulate wealth, assets and properties in the country, they have depleted and almost eradicated the old traditional bourgeoisie, corrupt political and intellectual the country’s elites and anyone else they can prosper in business nationwide.

Based on what each individual needs to live from birth until his death and this for any what Haitian, I come to the conclusion that every Haitian has contributed up to 75-90% to the richness of these five families throughout his life. In other words, belly of his mother until his grave, if he will have the chance to be buried, man and the Haitian idividu will have been influenced and affected by a decision, an interest or a collaboration of one or all of the five families. «Here is what the authors write recommendations the role and power of these five families in Haiti: ‘

For years, these families use the army, the tonton macoutes, and all the State apparatus to maintain their decadent splendor. They are the true reactionary force. «  p.121. Alone, these five richest families, decide what must be in the plates of each Haitian, they define that each Haitian must wear as clothing, as shoe but also and more again, where is that each Haitian must sleep; they decide that the Haitian must listen to radio, must see as film or even in all cultural activities in the country because they control large news agencies that provide information in the country, they impose their wishes on all of the media in the country.

Similarly, all cars use to move us from one region to another, boats and trucks that we relate to these families not to mention ciq, drugs we buy although they are largely obsolete to try to cure us are all provided by these same families. Everything also produced and supplied by these five families, school books, notebooks, pencils in short, all the school supplies are controlled by these true masters of haiti, these five families. « On the other hand, as regards what state that the ciq most powerful families of the country want to keep the country Haiti, they note and report: ‘ report is the most accurate on the intentions of these barons of the economy. « They have made clear that they wish to at any cost maintain an economy strangled, based on Government concessions, franchises and monopolies.  » They fear that a freely elected Government accountable to the people of Haiti, interfering in their privileges and forces them to compete in an open economy. Such a change is threatening their interests in the short term. To block this evolution, they continue to finance a system of terror. » »

It is true that the promotion that I now can be quite dangerous considering that the small bourgeois and middle-class upstarts can pervert the meaning and the sigification of my process however, if and only if a few people of good will can afford the luxury to read and find its essence to share it with our community leaders I believe that the authors of this book I don’t know would experience the greatest satisfaction in their lives.

However it is to each Haitian and each activist and political activist he comes back to read and act thereafter to that things change finally and finally in this country. To get there it takes each its own class consciousness as well as his own sense of belonging as for example to remember his social origin and keep and maintain social economic and political links with its class to provide live examples for those who will be still attached to the column of the rigors of life because they undergo wild of a minority and especially some families operate as is currently in Haiti.

I invite each Haitian and each militant-activist policy which have not yet read this book to go buy it or still try to order it on any site that offers it. In the meantime I invite you to go on these sites and these blogs that appear to provide excerpts and other links and books iteressants on reality and societal and economic of Haiti organization, our country at all.

Hermann Cebert

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