Why the Western countries are silent on the issue of violation of the human rights, expulsions, homophobia, racism and genocide by the Dominican Republic on the black

Le philosophe éveillé

To understand the silence of the international community and more particularly the powers Western face of racism, homophobia, the segregationism, apartheid and xenophobia of the Dominican Republic, Dominican Republic or República de Santo Domingo against all black people including the Dominican origin and native and Dominicans original Haitian, it takes the effort to understand the tourism of this country.

Indeed, the major proponents of the tourism industry of the Dominican Republic are predominantly foreigners especially of men and women in business coming and coming from developed countries as the France, the Canada, the United States, Great Britain, the Italy, the Spain, the Germany, the Japan, South Korea.

In addition, all major operators as travel agencies, transport companies, air and maritime, consortia of tours organized and chartered all belong to nationals and citizens of those developed countries.

Which means, and given the power of these large interest groups in the tourism industry, no developed country whose citizens are involved in this Santo Domingo tourism industry wants to lift a finger to denounce the flagrant violations of the Government of the Dominican Republic or against the Elite white and racist of Santo Domingo.

Suddenly, with their silence, all Western powers lurk and refuse by this fact to denounce all attacks, all crimes and ethnic cleansing which is currently against all black people living currently in Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo.

Obviously, Haiti and all Haitians so that all other black people who are abused by the police, the military and the Dominicans extremist militiamen found so alone in the world in the light and with the knowledge of the broad international community.

It is of course as always. The global system is a system dominated by a handful of white men infected by the ideology of the extreme right, suffice to say that all these people who are humiliated in the Dominican Republic confirms somehow the State of those that could be called the great of this world, or the great world.

Even the France that could have ties with Haiti have dare not take a position in this matter because they are not concerned the french and Moreover, it have the father of french racism Jean-Marie Le Pen that usually goes in the Republic to go sunbathing in the Sun of the tropics.

It is the American president Barak Hussein Obama, to not criticize the American extreme right, is forced to keep silence on these inhuman treatment against black people who are born and who have already experienced more than 30 thirty years in this country.

It has really no choice than to silence otherwise there afraid to treat noiriste and pro civil rights of black Americans that he has always preferred to turn a blind eye even while he knows how and why black Americans suffer prejudice and racism of much of the whites of the extreme right.

I could have done the same analogy with other heads of State of the Western world and the findings would lead to the same findings regarding the Americans and the french.

I prefer to leave it to my readers to continue this approach and do not forget to share all my texts with their friends and relatives on social networks, particularly in the search engines.

Currently, Haiti and all Haitians have really need to know who are their true friends, I am talking about all the Africans who are supposed be our brothers, of the European Union, countries of Asia, the Chinese, Indonesians, Arabs, Africans, Europeans, Australians, South Africans, Indians, Russians.

It is necessary as the friends of Haiti, all these peoples and all others that I could not quote understand very well the context in which the Dominicans decided to deport all people of black color of their territory:

Five years ago the 12 January 2010 earthquake devastated all over the country and the country is barely recovering to rebuild;

After the coups of 2004 orchestrated and funded by a segment of the international community, Haiti has experienced successive waves of instability which disrupted all the foundations of Haitian society and that this year, as well as evil and, despite the presence of a UN force in the country, the nascent democracy in the country is imperiled because of the great family of the major global and regional powers;

Despite all the economic, social and political difficulties and the rifts that plague Haiti, compromises were found and made between the various political players in the country with a view to organizing the next elections all over the country and then, voila Dominicans decided to undermine the chances of finding some stability to this country.

Already the numbers give more than 50 000 00 people are hunted by Dominican authorities who are thirsty of blood and the blood of black people who live from and for decades in this country.

All these people are hunted wild animals to Haiti stripped of all their courageously made goods and earn by the sweat of their brows.

It is found currently under tents in cartons, in tissue under the sun hot of Haiti and threatened by the hurricane season which has already begun but also, they are also on the side of the victims of the earthquake I have above mentioned as well as others who had been also last hurricanes, storms and hurricanes of the last times the last five years.

to follow…

Hermann Cebert