The invisible hands behind poverty and underdevelopment in Haiti: and if the Dominicans were not responsible laws to expel the Dominicans of Haitian origin

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What is the Haitian leaders understand at least relatively the causes of the Dominican politicians will want to suppress the Dominicans of Haitian origin to Haiti? They have at least tried also to use all available diplomatic channels as resources?

We remind ourselves that the Dominicans have criticized the amateurism of the Haitian leaders to treat and try to settle this conflict especially when they say that the Haitian leaders use informal channels. What should be the subject of debates in Haitian society is yet passed unnoticed because ‘ there is no investigative journalist able to point of law the real problems facing the country and especially the failure of diplomacy of the country.

In other words, leaders Haitians believe that a legal and diplomatic, international immigrant law, problem can be solved by a call to the Haitian president to Dominican president or a Haitian Minister who calls a Dominican Minister while everyone knows Dominican decisions by an institutions legal but especially the constitutional body which can make the decision in question permanent so difficult to change in the short term.

On the other hand, we know everything as well as the relationship between the dominicaqins and the Haitian leaders fighting wing without as long we remind the visits of president Martelly in the Dominican Republic, or even that he has been attended concerts profits for Dominican children when he had sung with the Spanish star, Julio Iglesias.

Obviously, the first images and first records that come to mind is without a doubt the amounts of money that the Dominican leaders had given to Michel Martelly to succeed and finance his campaign election, these fact have revealed by journalist Nuria on the corruptions of Bautista.

Similarly, do not overlook the various contracts awarded to the Dominican companies, mainly to companies that belong to Senator Dominican Bautista. While also, the volume of trade between the Dominican Republic and Haiti are growths that can cause envy in other trading partners of Haiti and the Dominican are winners in these exchanges.

Before these evidences, we had to ask us on what caused suddenly Wildcat in the relations between the two countries. This is why we should have to ask us if there were no other factors, other groups of interest that would push the Dominicans to change their policies of immigration against the Dominicans of Haitian origin we know, that they are more profitable for the Dominican economy.

Certainly, we recall the massive returns of these same immigrants in 1991 under the Government of Lavalas of Jean – Bertrand Aristide, histories it so repeat. How ironic would say certain since all refugees who had been expelled to etaiens all returned in the Dominican Republic, less than six months later.

There must be no doubt a great and big hand Invisible which move and put the pawns on the chessboard of dominicano-Haitian relations and again between Haiti and other countries who received and who receive Haitians home.

This hand must have enough power to remain in the shadows and be invisible. Perhaps, not really, if we gather all the facts and all the events that are enchainnent in the process of deterioration of relations that exist regularly between the two countries and in the countries that regularly receive Haitians.

To embark on this adventure, which involves finding external causes for the deterioration of the image of Haiti and all Haitians in the world, we must remember that no country lives in a vacuum, and a problem can often have external cause. Therefore, it can be caused by various interests both by internal enemies than by external enemies.

However, in our reality of people, our enemies are many and various. They are inside our borders, they are at our borders, and they are beyond our borders. Furthermore, we however friends who observe and which protect us as we know it and we know where our interest to better identify those who are our friends and who are our enemies and particularly, knowing where, when, how and why do appeal to them to help us protect against our enemies.

That being said, one wonders if the current Government of haiti was made aware, in a formal way, the American president and the American administration in general of the deterioration of the situation of Haitians in the world. Know the Haitian authorities if Americans endorse these persecutions against Haitians because they would stir and cause additional problems in Haiti and Haitians.

Maybe the country has a common enemy with the US administration and or the United States in general by as much as the Americans have all the means necessary to discover the enemies who could hide behind these persecutions.

From the diplomatic point of view, the Haitian leaders must understand that there are several ways to see and consider the Americans, they can see the nasty side of the Americans who qualify often misused to always be behind all our woes, or rather, the powerful big brother who can help us or who always wants to help us, but we are unable to understand.

I want to believe in the case of the various persecutions that we experience right now, Americans are big – brother to which we should have done before appeal even to take all sorts of initiatives against the measures taken by the Dominicans, Bahamians, Brazilians and Canadians as such, they are innocent in these situations that ferocity and they were able to discover the agitators too late to prevent them.

At the regional level, we can see that several countries of South America like Venezuela, the Argentina, the Brazil experience difficulties economic and trade waving internal tensions or uprisings of their populations. At the same time, we are also seeing that several measures and sanctions are taken against the Russia and the Iran while the price of oil has broken suddenly on the international market as if all these situations would not have links between them as we present the major mass media.

Obviously, we cannot neglect the effects of the crisis in Crimea and the support of the Russians to the Ukrainian independence as one of the main causes of the various sanctions against Russia, neither nor the Russian arrogance in the dependence of the countries of Europe on oil and the Russian gas as causes of the decline in the price of oil on the international market and external however , all this less importance for the Western countries that the possession by Iran of the nuclear bomb as well as such possession likely to completely redefine the world order with an Iran super power of the close and the Middle East.

From these findings we can clearly see the links that exist between all the countries undergoing crises economic, financial and political are all countries which support the Iran including Venezuela, the Argentina and the Brazil that support the creation of the State of Palestine but also and above all, friendly countries of the Iran.

Internally, in Haiti, we have a Haitian Government that is dettache completely from the Jewish community to move closer to the Arab Haitian community which does not help matters for the country when we know what is the strength of the Jewish lobby groups in the world and specifically in the United States and Europe and meaning the Haitian Government could understand using Haitian Jewish leaders to negotiate with several major international financial institutions as well as those that deal with immigration and human rights in the world so that Conversely, use the Haitian Arabs to negotiate our interests with Arab countries. This was to be ca international and diplomatic Haiti policy.

to follow…

Hermann Cebert