The Dominican Republic expels, murdered, draft steals and kill the blacks people on their territory: the silence or complicity of the leaders of the so-called friends of Haiti

Photo de Jojo Charles.

Generally we accept the idea that says nothing consents. Indeed, silence which demonstrate the main leaders of the world on how racist that Dominicans are dealing with black on their territory, can be attributed to participation and complicity of the different leaders of the world.

Obviously, this attitude of the international community towards Haiti and all Haitians is not something new since since the birth of the country in 1804.

This international community has always ignored the country’s first free black men in the world that it’s the powers of the time as the France which has had to pay to the young black Republic of the sums for independence, which also caused all its delays on economic and social.

Whether it’s the United States who has not seen a good eye this statement because of their slave system by which rested all their prosperity as well as the entire structure and any frame that which would condition their current power.

The English and the Spanish nor have not helped or promoted the affirmation of this new nation because all their power and their wealth depended on slavery which Haiti had to break free. Other words, the current silence of the international community with regard to what is being done against blacks in the Dominican Republic is and should be considered as acceptance of the international community.

Yet, they know very well what comes against Haitians and all black people living in Santo Domingo, it is a massacre, genocide against people of color living for decades in this country.

Photo de Jojo Charles.

The Dominicans and the Dominican Government hunt blacks in order to steal their property, their wealth that’s why, they expel them without that latter have time to pick up their belongings, or emptying their bank accounts while all these goods will be stolen by members of the regime and especially officials of the Dominican Government.

Next to this catastrophe, leaders and the Dominican people are responsible against the Haitian people and blacks who were born on Dominican soil, do not ignore other political and economic interests, as the Dominican Republic, a State racist, homophobic and Nazism that international powers have and share in common with the Dominican Republic It is to push Haiti and Haitians at the extreme solitude in order to force them to abandon the fledgling democracy and property and mineral wealth possessed by the country.

Therefore, this combination of interests that share the Dominican with the rest of the world that causes all the current silence of the international community.

While it will be this same international community which is blind on the atrocities suffered by Haitians and blacks in the Dominican Republic that will put sticks in the back of the Haitian nation for not doing enough to establish and establish democracy and values liberal and capitalists in the country.

However, it is sufficient that the American president, the french president or Prime Minister Spanish or English rises finger that the Dominican Republic stop this aggression and these crimes against Haitians.

But no, it does not do this kind of thing for the Haitians, is the poorest of the world people, cannot change anything in Haiti and everything could try will fail, so let the Dominicans murder those blacks since in any case it is not a crime against humanity and it has never been the case with the massacres of 1937.

And, yet, of course, after the fact, especially after the Dominicans will have finished killing, humiliate, steal, plunder people of black on their territory, it is this passive and permissive international community who will speak of genocide as was the case in Rwanda, but who had turned a blind eye while they could stop this genocide at the beginning.

In fact, the conspiracy of the international and the Republic Dominican is to create chaos in Haiti in order to prevent the realization of democratic elections in the country in order to provoke the civil war between Haitians and suddenly allow the Malik-Evans paul regime of bourgeois dictatorship in the country.

Whether the dismantling of the army that the international community had pushed jean-bertrand aristide to realize or be it the lack of strength of the national police, or still the refusal of the regime macoute boubou Macoutes martelly ert of Lawrence Ferguson lamothe not to hold elections or the White House so that there is only one round and commands of the general elections it is a cocktail of oil and well planned against the will of people Haitian Creole.

Photo de Jojo Charles.

And which is worse, 28 July 2015 approaches, one hundred years of American settlement and policy misery in Haiti, with the complicity of the bourgeoisie and power up, the Americans will arrive with the rest of the international community as to the saviors to free the country of its dictators and the Dominican enemy, the new commemorative of the 100 years of colonization and influence occupation American. our fate will be and so is played.

to follow…

Hermann Cebert