Houénouho Mèhouèdo Gba Isé
Houénouho Mèhouèdo
Houènou Gadja Karo
Hounènouho Mèhouèdo Gba Isé
Hounènouho Mèhouèdo Gba Isé

Houèné Lomé Kabahoua Djénou dodo Houémé
O’Dan é houaso houasovi Gbodjé Godomen
Houègbongbo Ghédé Houahou Zagbomen énen
Houénouho mè Houèdo Gba Isé

Hounénou vèvè
AYITI* Djèman Djidjo Koutonou
So konoulè
Noulè houènou pran Tado
Nou Houa Tomè* AYITI* Mèhouè Tomè*
Nou Houa Tomè* AYITI* nou houè
Ilé kannou Dankmé émen.


O Danwomen to
Alladalè nou Houadjé AYITI*
AYITI* noulè nikara tshi Djangòdò
Sé dou doumen
Houénouho mè houèdo gba Isé.

E Houénouho mè Houèdo Gba Isé
Houénouho mè Houèdo
Houéna Gadja Karo
Houènénouho mè houèdo Gba Isé

Houénouho Mè Houèdo Gba Isé
AYITI* noulè yé oulè Ti Jang Ifi
Houadlo do miton mènouhé
Houadlo métshé Lègbi
Houadlo houèdo AYITI*
AYITI* Tomè* Houèmi
AYITI* To Adji’Djo
AYITI* Houamé Gabé

E Houénouho mè Houèdo Gba Isé
Houénouho mè Houèdo
AYITI* mè Houèdo
AYITI* Houlè nousé houélénou Ho Gba Isé.

Max Beauvoir

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I am a citizen without Borders with simple and sincere ideas. Poet and philosopher for my hours of madness. I am old several centuries and I think that by ideas and thoughts the world can improve. I wait for nothing of anybody but I continue doing any good all around me. Force is a straw which the wind of intelligence takes in its please. My only wealth it is my intelligence which is superior to the average of people. I search neither glory nor honour and I am what I follow, me. There was only the only philosopher who is meconnu by more of one: it is always you.
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